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Other Projects

Hayley has the absolute pleasure of singing with two other local Twin Cities bands. Learn more and listen below!


The Violet Nines

In September of 2019, guitarist & lead singer, Nick Eagon, who had met Hayley's dad through work, asked her to fill in for their female lead vocalist just a week before their 7th Street Entry gig. This was Hayley's first time playing at First Avenue, and it certainly would not be her last.


When their female lead stepped down in January of 2020, Nick gave Hayley another call and asked if she would be interested in stepping in more permanently, and Hayley couldn't believe how lucky she was.


The rest was history! The group would go on to travel cross country together for a coast-to-coast tour in 2022, including a sold out show in Boston, a midnight show in New York City, and even played on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

The group's sound is described as "groove pop" -- the perfect mix between soulful r&b influences and classic pop hooks. Their songs are guaranteed to put you in a good mood, and they really know how to keep the crowd moving.

Listen to the group's debut album 'Money Pieces,' written, arranged, and produced by The Violet Nines, and check out the website for upcoming show dates & other info :)

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Cinematic Saints

One fateful summer day, Joe Norton strolled into Keg & Case Market and heard Hayley performing as Corzine. He'd been looking for a new singer for his group, Nokturnal North, and felt Hayley's voice would be an excellent fit. 

He invited her to meet the rest of the band, and they quickly got busy writing songs together. The band played several shows with the former lead singer before the great 2020 shutdown, and stayed in touch -- working diligently on the songs they'd started before 

In March of 2020 the band laid down the tracks for the album, and by March of 2021, Hayley was finally able to lay down her vocals for the long awaited debut album.

The band regrouped, rebranded, and released their album in the Fall of 2022 under the new name Cinematic Saints. Their sounds is much calmer and darker than other projects Hayley has worked on, and their album creates a soundscape that captures deep, painful emotion.


You can listen to the album, "when things were green & the sky was violet" by clicking any of the links below!

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