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About Hayley

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Hayley Lewis (Corzine), first started writing songs on the ukulele and piano at the age of 15 and has since blossomed into a full-time singer, songwriter, and performer. 


During her senior year of college, her parents convinced her to record a handful of her original songs, so she spent her winter break in Phoenixville, PA at the home studio of Cliff Hillis. With the help of Ritchie Rubini, they arranged and recorded a four-song EP titled And There It Is, released in January of 2019, that would inevitably and irrevocably change the trajectory of Hayley’s next several years.


After graduating with Honors in May 2019 with her Bachelor of Science in Clinical and Counseling Psychology from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO, she made the brave move across the country, back to her hometown, to plant her musical roots as Corzine.

Once settled in the Twin Cities, Hayley started out playing solo at events like Keg and Case farmer’s market and Open Streets Minneapolis, but soon, she began developing relationships with beloved local venues the likes of Acadia, Honey, Hook and Ladder, Part Wolf, and more.


She met incredible musicians that would eventually become bandmates like Christian Wheeler, Zaq Baker, and her voice caught the attention of several other local bands – Cinematic Saints (f.k.a. Nokturnal North) and The Violet Nines.

Hungry for more, Hayley set out to record and release her first full-length album in 2020. She met with Zaq Baker in December of 2019 to ask if he would make the trek to Phoenixville, PA with her to work with Cliff and Ritchie. He did. Corzine released Look What We Made in April of 2020, a time when releasing music felt selfish and time with loved ones felt even more precious.

About Corzine


Your new favorite indie artist...

Corzine draws influence from a multitude of artists and genres. The most magical part about music is that there is so much of it out there to consume, and a musical niche for everyone.

This can make it tough to nail down a specific genre or style of music when folks ask "what kind of music do you make?" and some form of "indie rock" comes out in response.

Corzine has deep roots in musical theater and singer songwriter qualities the likes of Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson, but as her songwriting chops have matured, her style has incorporated more pop, hip hop, r& b, and electronic influences like Remi Wolf and Betty Who.

With a background in a cappella arranging, Hayley loves to play with layered harmonies and background vocals, and her next release will blow her current discography out of the water.

Stay tuned!

Do you listen to...


  • Carole King

  • Alanis Morrissette

  • Amy Winehouse

  • Sara Bareilles

  • Ingrid Michaelson

  • Orla Gartland

  • Lianne LaHavas

  • ​The Regrettes

  • Sarah Kinsley

  • Abby Holliday

  • Deza

  • Lizzy McAlpine

  • The Staves

  • Annie DiRusso

  • Emily King

  • Sammy Rae & The Friends

  • Gatlin

  • Hayley Williams

  • Betty Who

  • Caroline Rose

  • Carol Ades

  • Chappell Roan

  • Devon Again

  • Dora Jar

  • Holly Humberstone

  • The Japanese House

  • Rachel Chinouriri

  • Remi Wolf

Evelin, MusicTrails

"She’ll quickly be rising as an artist with her remarkable storytelling and exuberant vocals."

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