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Your new favorite indie artist...

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Hayley Lewis (Corzine) has been deeply involved in music her whole life. Her mother, Sarah Lewis, has been a cellist in the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra for over 20 years, so Hayley has been hearing the rich sounds of cello since before she was born. 

She first started writing songs on the ukulele and piano as a 15 year old--several of which appear on her debut EP, And There It Is. As her taste in music is so diverse, it is difficult to pin down her music to a genre, but would describe herself as an indie synth-pop artist.

She draws influences from R&B artists such as Lianne LaHavas and Eryn Allen Kane, but also 70s classics from Carole King and Fleetwood Mac. 



If you're wondering, as many do, about the origin of the name Corzine, how to pronounce it, etc. you're in the right place. First off, though kôrzīn is the correct pronunciation, kôrzēn is also fine ... honestly I'd rather you focus on the music than worry about how to pronounce my artist name :)

Corzine is a family name. I chose this name, in part, to honor my family, and specifically my grandmother.

My grandma was an artist whose iconic sunflower paintings covered the walls of my house and hers. I painted the sunflowers on this page in the style of her watercolor paintings. 

I experienced tremendous loss on my mother's side of the family while I was studying psychology at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. We lost my grandpa in the spring of 2016, my uncle in the spring of 2017, and most recently, my grandmother in the spring of 2018. 

This EP is largely dedicated to these people. They shaped my life in ways I cannot express. They always encouraged and supported my creative side, while also fostering my commitment to education, and I'm absolutely elated to honor them with my first EP, And There It Is.